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Jhargram District Police

Shri Arijit Sinha, IPS
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About Department

The Intelligence Branch Office

The Intelligence Branch used to have two main divisions. (i) Secret Service Division and (ii) the branches responsible for processing and dissemination of intelligence. The Secret Service Branch used to deal with intelligence collection and for this, they were dependant primarily of the agents. Agents were the paid informers of the Branch. The officers with special aptitude for recruiting agents were selected for Intelligence Branch.

Besides the Secret Service Branch, the processing and dissemination of Intelligence used to be done by other branches in the I.B. office. The Confidential Section which used to do the sheet-indexing and from there, the particulars of suspects used to go to Indexing Section for card-indexing. In fact the confidential Section alone used to handle the folders containing the reports of the agents. That is why precaution was taken to ensure secrecy as leakage of the source report might lead to the disclosure of identity of the sources. Besides this, the Confidential Section used to maintain the party / organization-wise records of information.

Superintendent of Police DIB is the head of District Intelligence Branch which acts under State HQ of IB Kolkata.

  1. The collection of information regarding the ramification of the conspiracy organization.
  2. Security arrangement for visit of VIPs/VVIPs/Dignitaries.
  3. Preparation of arrangements for major fare and festivals, L&O etc.
  4. Collection of intelligence in plain cloth in respect of Anti Govt. Organization / suspicious activities in important places.
  5. Arrangement for checking lodges / lodges / hotels / dharmasala to keep close watch on movement suspicious persons.
  6. Issues police clearance certificate required for service verification and passport verification.

District Intelligence Branch of Jhargram Police District has been set up to gather Confidential reports, intelligence about different issues and information about the different programmes, movement and Security of VVIPs and VIPs. DIB also collects information regarding all kinds of political programmes and all other programmes including religious programmes. Apart from collecting informations on the above scores the D.I.B also prepares Verification Report for individual concerned in c/w appointment to Govt. Service as well as sensitive/vital PSUs or Private installations. It causes enquiry and submits report in c/w the issue of the Indian Passport. In some cases D.I.B issues Police Clearance Certificate to individual concerned. D.I.B although acts as Foreigners’ Registration Office for the jurisdiction concerned.

Name Contact
Shri Dhrubajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Dy.SP (DIB) 9147888716
Shri Tirthankar Mukherjee 9147888734